Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watermelon Man at Shreveport Farmers' Market


bell peppers


Gourds II

Downtown Shreveport

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deb after gardening

June Dyson at her 80th birthday party

Stu's dessert for Mama June

Mama June, with Karen and Alan


Mama June and group at her 80th birthday party

Drips III

Starburst graffiti

Hunting graffiti with RT

Reagan under Market Street Viaduct/Shreveport, LA

Artist unknown

I-20 overpass shadow

Robert Trudeau hard at work

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I have the most handsome husband in the world!

Paint Your Heart Out Shreveport!

The crew from First United Methodist Church in Shreveport at the Stills home in Allendale.

2-D possum

Playing Dead
by Andrew Hudgins

Our father liked to play a game.
He played that he was dead.
He took his thick black glasses off
and stretched out on the bed.

He wouldn’t twitch and didn’t snore
or move in any way.
He didn’t even seem to breathe!
We asked, Are you okay?

We tickled fingers up and down
his huge, pink, stinky feet—
He didn’t move; he lay as still
as last year’s parakeet.

We pushed our fingers up his nose,
and wiggled them inside—
Next, we peeled his eyelids back.
Are you okay? we cried.

I really thought he might be dead
and not just playing possum,
because his eyeballs didn’t twitch
when I slid my tongue across ’em.

He’s dead, we sobbed—but to be sure,
I jabbed him in the jewels.
He rose, like Jesus, from the dead,
though I don’t think Jesus drools.

His right hand lashed both right and left.
His left hand clutched his scrotum.
And the words he yelled—I know damn well
I’m way too young to quote ’em.