Thursday, July 31, 2008

New mural project

Danielle Reans, Dustin Howe & I are installing a mural at the new Centerpoint/211 office at 2121 Fairfield Avenue, Ste. 130. We're not through yet, but here's a preview.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Ce n'est pas une femme" - acrylic, paper, glass, polyurethane on foamcore

"Moth" - acrylic, paper, wood, moth, polyurethane on canvas

"Legacy" - acrylic, paper, marker, gold leaf, polyurethane on canvas

"Untitled Landscape" - acrylic, plastic, oil pastel, polyurethane on panel

"No Times Squared" - paper, polyurethane on panel (over an acrylic of Times Square that reminded me of a HORRIBLE old boyfriend)

"Untitled No. 1" & "Untitled No. 2" - acrylic, paper, net, dead organic matter, polyurethane on panel

"What's Left" - acrylic, paper, glass, polyurethane on panel

"Why Does It Have to be This Way" - acrylic, paper, polyurethane on panel & plexiglass

"My Demon" - acrylic, paper, snake, polyurethane on panel

Fort Worth reflection