Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poets Versus Practicality

A friend wrote,
‘It reads better than it lives.’
Baffling, ‘til I realized
His autobiography is mine.
Learn about thinkers –
(Descartes, Dylan, and Dorothy Parker);
Live with assholes –
(Politicians, ex-lovers, and bosses).
See, you’re set up for failure from the start –
Philosophy has no effect on the short-sighted
And college classes are useless in the real world.
They only prove you’ve got sticking power
In the face of obnoxious self-righteousness.
Damn those professors for not warning us about
Hierarchical leadership and Excel spreadsheets.
Their  tenured advice – wise and well-intentioned and right in every way -
Loses its efficacy out here in the real world.