Saturday, April 25, 2009


As artists, we've all been censored, right?

At first, it's cool and radical & exciting to get censored!

Then, you realize, (1) you're not making any money when you get censored, and (2) certain people have the power to keep other people from seeing your work because that first set of people thinks the second set of people will/might/could be offended by it.

My art has been censored in several exhibits - at restaurants, in a church, at a Parkinson's Symposium at LSUHSC, etc.

Above is an image of my most recent "controversial" work. It was censored by a mainstream Christian church, which deemed it "too Eastern" to offer for sale to raise funds for a mission trip to Haiti.

The scripture I was asked to illustrate is Proverbs 1:1-7.


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Pierced Fairy X said...

i could bitch about this for hours... but... i wont. ill just way, come up to boston or nyc. theres not much censorship here!!