Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me stupid woman. Me don't deserve equal pay.

LA Legislature defeated equal pay for women act:

Here's who voted for/against it:

Git a rope.


mazzour said...

of course, just because the market cant/will not prevent discrimination, doesnt mean that the government should.and in the case of Lily Ledbetter; "she was an adult. she could have asked for a raise.she was free to leave. and that government interfearence over what consitutes fair pay causes"more problems" then its worth.this is an honest position to take. from current issue of new yorker. why is it that every white christian/baptist/prodestant/ipiskapalin/luthern/ et al republican male always frame issues of fairness etc as another attempt of government to self impose its will on us?What is or could/can be more american then fair,just and equidable wages for likewise work and effort? Why is it always flacid, decrepted old white men who gleefully send verile young men and women to fight and die in irack and afganistan if not for "american values"? what f in' values are you talking about? do you think a bullet from a womens gun will kill with less impact then a mans?I dont see these sacks of shits runing off to reintroduce slavery, or have i missed a louisanna session? a likewise/similar argument could be made for both with abit of tweeking.lots of questions here; has anyone ever asked the twatfulettes how they feel being permamently relagated to slave status, or that of their virginal daugthers?They tell theres a pie up in the sky,waiting for me when i die but between the day you were born and when you die they never even seem to hear your crys so as sure as the sun will shine Iam gonna get my share of whats mine and then the harder they come the harder they fall one and all the harder they come the harder they fall one and all. The Jamacian knows in their heart that Jah will hear their crys and cease their pain one day. why should they or women be forced to suffer at all just on the notion that eventually their pain and suffering will go away? more to come.

mazzour said...

addenum-remember she can leave. what could be more quintessential pull 'em up by the boot straps cracker male bullshit. shhh, here is how she can make her escape/leave. imagine youre a single mom serving these PIGS their porage for 30 or 40 hours a week and then you have to skedattle on over to chain me by the ankles mart so you can work some more so you can keep youre FAMILY comfortably in intractable poverty? and if something happens to her kids or they do something,why couldnt she have put them in a after school programme? what about child care? so in a single breath, your vilified,screwed and condemed-notice how the corpulent crowd never mentions that sure you can leave but the stench of the above will follow you..on a purely intellectual level,its very easy to be dismissive of the PIGS et al. On a strickly emotional non logical level, I can not fathom what motavates one group to just decide to deconstruct/disintegrate another and not expect a harsh reaction!!what worries me the most is the blind intransigence of the PIGS mixed with the brooding anger of the legislated slave class. if you take to the streets,burn where whitey lives and work. if you take away anything from the 60's and 70's no one then or now gave/gives a shit bout the GHETTO(burning it then or now was/is considered URBAN renewal), however let one manicured blade of grass in southern trace get singed, out come the tanks and watch them roll over hollywood etc.its not;DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE as much as it is DUCK AND COVER!!!!