Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poem II (untitled)

How she must feel –
Knowing the love of another
Yet having to come home to you.

You, with your callous tongue
And heartless affection;
She knows momentary affection
And counts it as love
And escape.

She drinks
So she’ll sleep.
The girls will come to her rescue
When she needs to forget,
And laugh.

She won’t leave you –
Who would dare?
Your arms are cold and clinging
Tight and emotionless.

Love is a contract, not a goal.
Paid to negotiate during the day,
You negotiate at night, too.
It’s always your way.

Should she decide to speak
You’ll remind her of the other one –
The one who is still paying
For not loving you.

An investment with no returns
Is unacceptable
To you.

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