Sunday, January 8, 2012

Former school-teacher = Deputy Secretary of the Louisiana Revenue Department??

"Crony the name of the Republican game." ~Robert Scheer

 January 07, 2012--3:12 PM CDT

Former State Rep. Jane Smith, a term-limited state representative from Bossier City who lost a contentious battle for a state Senate seat, has a new job with Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration, the Shreveport Times reports.

Jane Smith, a Republican whose term as the District 8 member of the state House of Representatives ends Monday, is taking an appointment as deputy secretary of the Louisiana Revenue Department, it was announced today. Smith's hiring is drawing fire from political watchdogs who say that Smith is not qualified for the job. 

Shreveport demographer Elliot Stonecipher said that this is "more evidence of what we said all along up here about how Teepell / Jindal were in charge of her campaign for the Senate, and how much she's been in on what they've been doing for the last four years."

This no-doubt high-salary will be on top of her teacher retirement.

"All of us, of course, have to worry now about her tampering with our state income taxes, I guess. I hope that's a joke, but I'm not sure."

In an email sent to his subscribers, good-government watchdog C.B. Forgotston said that Smith's hiring was proof that "The 'Roads Scholar' (Jindal) is continuing to reduce unemployment in Louisiana."

Forgotston wrote that "Today, we learn that another soon-to-be, unemployed, politician will be quickly employed by the taxpayers of Louisiana.

Term-limited and recently defeated for the state senate, Rep. Jane Smith will not miss a single feeding from the public trough.

Despite mid-year budget cuts to Higher Ed and Healthcare, there's always room for another "good ol' boy" or in this case a "good ol' gal" at the public trough.

The more things change..

This latest political hiring follows the hires of Kevin Davis who was term-limited as St. Tammany Parish President, and Craig Taffaro who was defeated for reelection as St. Bernard Parish President.

It's yet to be confirmed what Smith's salary will be, but it the previous political hirings are any indication it will be six-figures. All will be getting increases from their previous feedings at the public trough.

In addition, Smith currently draws $64,000 annually from the Teachers Retirement system and her husband is being paid $94,000 a year as Assistant Superintendent of Bossier Parish Schools.

A good guess is that starting next week, the two Smiths will draw from the public trough approximately $250,000, annually. Not too shabby for a couple of school teachers.


If Edwin Edwards was the governor cutting Higher Ed and Heathcare while employing out-of-work political cronies like Jindal, there would be a huge public outcry. However, with Jindal, there is nothing but deafening silence.

Forgotston wondered, "Where's outrage?" for updates

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Mike from Shreveport said...

According to the Shreveport times, her job will be to assist the Revenue Secretary with administrative and legislative affairs. Is there any doubt that she is both well-qualified and competent to carry out those duties? I would say she's highly qualified for that role.

It's not like she'll be handling the actual financial affairs--Cynthia Bridges will be doing that. Should her having been at one time a school teacher DISqualify her? She was also an award-winning superintendent (Louisiana Superintendent of the Year in 1999--highly qualified in administration) and served three terms in the State House of Representatives, where she got a 100% rating by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (highly qualified in dealing with the Legislature, and particular in dealing with business affairs). Putting her down as a "former teacher" seems a bit elitest and ignores her years of experience in roles of great responsibility.

This blog article seems like something of a "low blow".