Saturday, February 4, 2012

"The Louisiana Jive" by DE/AD Media Arts

Click photo for music video (image by DBE)
 "Louisiana continues to be a center for controversy. Our colorful history and record of flamboyant leaders makes us easy targets for outsiders taking advantage of our live and let live attitude and willingness to live for today at the expense of tomorrow.  The writers, performers and editor of this piece feel that the examination of Louisiana history and issues by Louisiana natives committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens by revealing our tendency toward self-inflicted wounds allows outsiders to continue to take advantage of our weaknesses.
The continued self abuse and willingness to give away our birthrights make us prey to every snake-oil salesman that comes down the pike. So here’s to the 'Louisiana Jive!'"
Lyrics by D. B. Engle & Alan Dyson
Music by Alan Dyson
Music Performed by Chris Allen, Randy Guynes, Erich Avinger & Alan Dyson.
Audio Recording Engineering and Mastering by Erich Avinger
Video Compilation, Editing, Post Production
M&M Communications Concepts
Tony Paretti, dolphin wrangler
thanks to d.b.engle & kathryn usher for the use of documentary images
a d.e.Xa.d. production
Copyright ©2012, d.e.X a.d

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