Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jindal Approval Sinks Like A Stone - School Vouchers Opposed By Majority

Source:  http://dailykingfish.com/2012/10/02/jindalsinking/


Those are Bobby Jindal’s last three approval numbers in a SMOR Survey.

This is what a flailing Governor looks like.

Jindal is watching his political career tumble down the drain, and he has started to panic.

Earlier this week Jindal announced a very startling staff shake-up, dumping his Chief of Staff without a cited reason:
In two weeks, Gov. Bobby Jindal will have a new budget adviser and a new chief of staff.
The governor’s chief of staff, Stephen Waguespack, announced his resignation Monday, severing career ties with the governor that began during the 2007 campaign.
“From the beginning of our work to build a better Louisiana, Stephen has been by my side as a trusted adviser and a friend. He helped shepherd through monumental policy reforms that will have a lasting and positive impact on our state,” the governor said in a prepared statement.Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater will replace Waguespack on Oct. 14. Replacing Rainwater will be the governor’s deputy chief of staff, Kristy Nichols.
And now a Southern Media and Opinion Research Poll Find Jindal sinking. It’s no surprise, but 89% of those surveyed don’t like Jindal’s slash and burn of the public Charity Hospital.

More startlingly, Jindal’s prized voucher program is opposed by 54% of Louisianians:
The poll shows Gov. Bobby Jindal with a 51 percent approval rating. That compares with 61 percent last spring and 64 percent a year ago.
Reductions for the LSU-operated charity hospital system are particularly unpopular. Eighty-nine percent said they were concerned by the cuts. Seventy-nine percent said the charity system would not be able to provide the same quality of health care, and 80 percent said Louisiana residents would lose access to health care as a result.
Among the poll’s other findings:
  • On the issue of school vouchers, 54 percent were opposed.
  • Salaries for state executives and political appointees were a hot button issue with 86 percent saying annual salaries of $175,000 and above are excessive or not justified.
  • 47 percent favor eliminating tax exemptions to increase state revenue compared to 35 percent opposed, which tracks with widespread opposition to deeper budget cuts.
  • 69 percent said the Legislature should be more independent from the governor
Bad news all around. #Vouchergate is going well for Team Jindal. Nor are his high-priced public employee hires.

And it looks like the tax credit monster is about to bite Jindal back…

Jindal isn’t worried, however. He’s spent the last week campaigning for judges in Iowa, in some fields of dreams.

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