Friday, November 30, 2012

They Fired the First Shot 2012: An Observation

It appears that extremist, fundamentalist Tea Party-types have discovered a new book that absolutely fascinates them. 

It's title:  They Fired the First Shot 2012

It's author: "A Friend of Medjugorje."

What are Tea Partiers saying about this book?  

Red River Tea Party spokesperson, Laura Bilderback, wrote the following:  

If you have not read They Fired The First Shot 2012, you need to read it. There are several themes. A review from Amazon: I got a pre-release copy of this book and after reading the back cover first - which asks not to thumb through the book but start from the first page on - I lived an emotional roller coaster. I kept thinking there is no way the author found an answer - BUT HE DID. AND not just one answer but several. I have never ever been so excited about a book because it gave me a game plan. Something "I" could do. So many other books talk about their answer but it's too overwhelming. This author has made some astounding discoveries and when pieced all together in a time line, your jaw will drop. You have got to read what 'the powers to be' are planning for our youth - it will make you sick! Don't just buy one copy, buy several and get everyone reading them at the same time so you can gather later and start making plans. Things are in place NOW for these solutions to work - you need to get this book in everyone's hands."

This vivid description prompted me to further investigate the book. offers the following synopsis of They Fired the First Shot 2012:

August 25, 2012 - Chinese warrior, Sun-tzu, taught that in order to win every battle, you must know yourself and you must know your enemy. We know that the United States of America is facing an attack unlike anything it has ever experienced in its history. Why are we losing battle after battle in the face of an all-advancing evil? It s because we don t know ourselves and we don t know our enemy. After reading They Fired the First Shot 2012, you will learn how to know yourself, you will learn how to know your enemy, and you will know what to do. But will you do what this book shows you to do? After reading They Fired the First Shot 2012, you will not be able to keep yourself from following the directives contained within. You will read and learn many new thoughts and truths that will have an atomic bomb effect on your thinking. What you abided by before is not what you will continue to abide by. They Fired the First Shot 2012 is not just another book telling you what is going on. It is the only book that is a complete book, showing you the first step to the last step of what to do to protect yourself, your family and save our nation. As you set out upon the path this book will lead you on prepare to be stunned, then shocked; prepare to feel helpless, then hopeless, moved to the edge of despair, then seeing a turn-around that maybe there s a way out, growing hopeful, to full confidence, to feeling the impulse to begin formulating your own personal plan and finally, taking action that grows into a full-scale reaction of having your future placed back into your own hands again. This book will become your cause to act, to spread, to promote, with all your effort, with all your being to save our nation. It is the solution that no one else has. Most importantly, do not look through this book. It must unfold for you starting at page one, reading page by page. If there ever was a read not to peek through, this is it. You will ruin the impact of the book in how you will graduate from page to page in understanding the next page. Do not even look at the chapter titles in the beginning. Just start reading...from page one (after reading the foreword)."

This description did not strike me as a standard book synopsis. 

These facts became evident as I was reading the online book description:
  • The summary, as written, contains many, many basic grammar errors
  • Rather than summarizing the content of the book, the author of this synopsis dictates to the reader what he/she will think and feel while reading the book, implying a schizophrenic-like change in mood during the physical reading process
  • The author of this synopsis claims that this is "the only book" that can "protect" and "save" the reader, the reader's family, and the United States of America
  • The author appears to have made important decisions for the reader regarding "all-advancing evil" and the reader's "enemies" 
  • The author insists that the reader does not know him/herself
  • The author gives specific warnings to the reader regarding the exact, literal manner in which the book is to be read, and provides specific "directives" to be followed by the reader
I thought I had misread the synopsis, so I read it again.  And again.  Shocked, I finally had to admit that it reads like the incoherent ramblings of a cult leader. 
I thought about the number of Congresspeople, state legislators, governors and local leaders who subscribe to the Tea Party's ideology regarding our American and world governments...

Thankfully, there are a few sane comments/warnings on the website for potential buyers of this unsettling book.  They are designated as "one-star" reviews.  I'll leave you with the lucid, succinct, well-researched book reviews here.
As one commenter stated: "It's disturbing, misleading, and a source of great misinformation. If you have it, I would dispose of it."


jackie kl said...

I am a Democrat. But I know for a fact that all Republicans do not agree with the Tea Party, though the TP may have Republican roots. I lose respect for people when they categorize incorrectly to make a point. What we CAN do for our country is stop trying to divide it.

Anonymous said...


I bumped into this book on someone's coffee table today so I did a search for reviews of it and came upon your website. I can't say I'm particularly inspired to read the book, but that said, it seems that your observation/critique is as reactionary and and possibly extreme as you are accusing the book itself of being.

A thoughtful balanced critique would be to read it, and then critique it. I have faith in the capacity of people to be nuanced. We all don't have to end up in the "fox news" or "msnbc" camps - Far left or far right. An intelligent critique is always better than demonization and dismissal.

It's a pretty thick book though. I can't say Im about to take the time to do the work and offer that critique myself.

Scott in PA

Anonymous said...

It's title? It's author? And you criticize a reviewer's grammar? I'll make my own guess about who's flaming uneducated.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by the negative things said of people who have never read the book. There is subject matter written in this book that shine a bad light on this administration that simply cannot be dismissed.

Anonymous said...

The Tea in Tea Party stands for "Taxed Enough Already." They are constitutionalists, not marxists, like the other side.

Anonymous said...

It should be said to prospective buyers of this book,with all due respect, that the author seems to assume that the reader is a devout Catholic first... and perhaps incidently a Conservative.