Monday, April 15, 2013

Today: A Poem

Somebody bombed the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day
And created a new sense of insecurity in the world
And my officemate had a liver biopsy
But his partner told everybody the docs were just “checking under the hood”
And after discussing the incompetence of our I.T. person
We all decided I should contact the Executive Director about the problem
So I did
And it was tax day
So I wrote a check for $378.00 and mailed it while whispering
“I love my neighbor”
And we finally got our first look at the new kittens
There are four and I want to bring two home so they can grow up together
And Roberto isn’t speaking to anybody at the office because
I emailed him asking him to please not sexually harass me anymore
And Alan took me to dinner at Tacomania
Where we saw Jesus and the waitress whose name I can’t remember
And our friend Kathryn gave us amazing purple irises
And talked of what she wants to do with her backside and his frontside
And Lee doesn’t know the results of the MRI
Which will show him the extent of the damage done to his knee
And Joseph didn’t have enough money to buy his honor cords
So he checked out of school early
And I got the report turned in today
I hope I didn’t forget to include important information
And the new girl snapped at me early this morning
But later she visited with me and I felt like everything was ok.

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