Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bobby Jindal: Cutting funds & killing Louisianians

From Brett Malone, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Center in Shreveport, LA:

"The CDC released it's annual surveillance report today for HIV/AIDS... it's not good, folks.
Louisiana is now ranked #2 for new AIDS diagnoses (rate of diagnosis per capita)…. Baton Rouge is now ranked #1 for new HIV infections (rate of diagnosis per capita)*...
THIS is what happens when the there is ZERO state funding for HIV prevention and EDUCATION (it's all related - and we're in this fight together, teachers!)... and our youth are suffering because of it (33% of new infections are with folks between 13-24yrs).

The only $$ for prevention is from federal sources - which are grossly insufficient to deal with an epidemic the size of the one we now have in Louisiana...

Ignorance (and lack of resources) lead to suffering... (and death)."

(*Pages 64 and 74 of Centers for Disease Control report)

Read CDC report here.

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