Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Good Life

Photo: DBE
We don't know how much the average citizen would be willing to risk for the survival of the poor majorities. But by all indications, they are afraid of losing the good life.

"What's wrong with wanting a good life?" people may ask, taking it for granted as their manifest destiny. We have already hinted at the answer: the precipice of dehumanization. In our world, structurally speaking, "the good life" is only possible at the cost of a "bad life" and death for the poor.

No matter how we sugarcoat the language and the concept; no matter how necessary it is to support a culture of peace, dialogue and cooperation; no matter how we celebrate the rhetoric of solidarity among all peoples in world cultural objective reality the world is fundamentally antagonistic. Humanity truly is divided between oppressors and oppressed. And it will go on being that way as long as the good life of the affluent countries remains untouchable.

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