Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Volunteer, Louisiana!! It'll take your mind off your sh*tty governor!

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After Jindal's deadly budget cuts to education, healthcare for the poor, social services, community service groups and non-profits, his administration has the audacity to turn to volunteerism as the "feel-good" solution to our state's gutted public service sector??

I'll keep volunteering on my own time - not your's, Bobby Jindal! 

Irony: Jindal & his political allies have been using the term "Community Organizer" as a mean-spirited insult to President Obama for four years. What hypocrites! 

Read about the Jindal administration's new-found love of public service here:  http://volunteerlouisiana.gov/

Based on Louisiana's own reporting, 51% of Louisianians already volunteer.  Too little, too late, Mr. Jindal.

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Monique Finley said...

I wondered what the idiot-in-charge (I mean, guber...oh, Jindal) would do to address the serious problems that arise from cutting funding to every social program in the state. You're absolutely right..."too little, too late".