Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Daily Solution

What if college courses were available FREE to anybody with an internet connection?

How many world problems could be solved by millions of well-educated people?

What if professors selflessly volunteered to educate people outside their university walls - people who could never afford to attend a class at MIT or Harvard?

Here's your daily solution, friends:

MIT and Harvard are each pouring $30 million into a nonprofit partnership edX, which they hope will make the top-notch faculties and courses of their schools available for free to millions of people around the world -- free for anyone with an Internet connection."

"At the core of this program is a belief that the excellence of the education available at MIT and Harvard should be available -- in an online format -- to anyone who has the commitment and desire to make it through an online course.

It's a reminder that these schools aren't just institutions with long, venerable 
histories, but also collections of living people -- people whose values and ideas shape how these universities exist in the world today."

Read entire article here:  'The Single Biggest Change in Education Since the Printing Press' - The Atlantic

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