Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Douchebag Decree: Side Boobs and Fat Babies—Five Not-So-Subtle Magazine Covers | Bitch Media

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"The Cover: From book covers to op-eds, Western media loves reducing the complex lives of Muslim women to two eyes staring out from a scary and oppressive head scarf. This imagery implies that sporting a niqab, chador, veil, hijab, burqa, etc. means you're oppressed, and that wearing it is something women are subjected to, never something they choose for themselves. This cover is no different, and the weird black body paint on a naked woman makes it even worse. As Sherene Seikaly and Maya Mikdashi put it, the cover "[invites us] to sexualize and rescue her at once," and the takeaway message is "The female body is to be consumed, not covered."

The Headline
: "Why Do They Hate Us?" Um, I guess you get some credit for not saying “Beyond the Veil,” right? Mona Eltahawy’s meditation on women in the Middle East has sparked controversy, but one thing’s clear: This cover and its accompanying images are not appropriate for an article about women in the Middle East. Oh, and thanks, Foreign Policy, for finally covering this topic—for your "sex" issue."

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Cake said...

I hate everything about that "Middle Eastern women are so oppressed" crap.
First and foremost, we are doing the exact same thing to women here. Slut shaming is simply a very public way to tell women that we are inappropriate simply for being something that men (and very often other women) don't want us to be.

Not all hijabi feel oppressed. Many of them feel empowered by their coverings. Many of them feel that it helps them in their devotion to religion.

Who are we to tell someone else how they need to be religious?